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Break the college bubble. Get out a little.

During your time at MICA, we encourage you to get out and supplement your classroom education with involvement experiences outside the classroom, such as being involved in a student organization. 

Why get involved?

These co-curricular experiences not only contribute to a more satisfied overall college experience but also provide many opportunities to meet new people and make friends.

Students who are involved report higher grades than non-involved students and also tend to keep a more balanced life while at MICA. Being involved in a student organization will allow you to enhance your professional development by learning to work cooperatively with others, learning effective communication, and learning about diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Starting, Running and Promoting a Student Organization

How to Start a Student Organization

It's very easy to start a student organization at MICA. You will need five other people who are willing to join the organization. You will also be asked to think about the purpose of the student organization, the audience, and the resources you will need

Start A Student Organization

Important Dates + Forms

Each year, the Student Activities Office hosts a Student Involvement Fair, along with council meetings. We also have a number of important forms you'll want to keep handy for planning, hosting and fundraising for your events. You can view all of this information here.

Review Important Dates + Forms

Spaces Available to Student Organizations

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Frequently Used Rooms, which includes information about seating capacity and AV/technology access.

View List of Spaces

Get in touch.

Student Activities Office


Meyerhoff House 140 W. Lafayette Ave. First Floor Baltimore, MD 21217


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