Faculty & Staff Directory
Humanistic Studies Elizabeth Holden Wagenheim Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center, B413 4102254270 ewagenheim@mica.edu
Building Services Darryl Walker Custodian
Firehouse, 2nd Floor dwalker03@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Jennifer K. Wallace Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center, B439 443/423-1154 jwallace@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Kendall Wallace Clerk
Main Building, M130 4102252424 kwallace@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Tracy Wallace Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center, B417 4102252544 twallace@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Meghan Walrath Faculty PT
Bunting Center, Room 450 mwalrath@mica.edu
Fabrication Studios Ann Walsh Fabrication Studios Manager
Graduate Studio Center, 003A 4102254126 awalsh01@mica.edu
Open Studies Gabriel Walsh Faculty PT
Hoffberger School of Painting Joan Waltemath Full Time Faculty
Graduate Studio Center, 425 4102252255 jwaltemath@mica.edu
Graphic Design Andrew Evan Walters Faculty PT
Brown Center awalters@mica.edu
Michelle Wampler Faculty PT
Brigitte Gwynne Warner Faculty PT
Decker Library Raven Llewellyn Warner Administrative Asst
Bunting Center, B160 4102252272 rwarner@mica.edu
Development Sara B. Warren Director
Main Building Annex, L2 410/225-2264 swarren@mica.edu
Drawing Karen Warshal Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building, F212 4102252260 kwarshal@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Mary Lynn Washington Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center, 4th Floor 4102252587 mwashington@mica.edu
Kafi Waters Faculty PT
General Fine Arts Susan Waters-Eller Faculty FT General Fine Art
Fox Building, F212 4102252260 swaters@mica.edu
Open Studies Katie Waterworth Faculty PT
1210 West Mount Royal Avenue, 1st Floor kwaterworth@mica.edu
Fitness Center Keri Watley Manager
1501 Mount Royal Avenue, 1st Floor kwatley@mica.edu
General Sculptural Studies Joan E. Watson Faculty FT Interdisciplinary Sculpture
Mount Royal Station, S118 4102252492 jwatson@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Sukyun Weaver Faculty FT MA Liberal Arts
Lazarus Center 4102254221 sweaver@mica.edu
Melissa M. Webb Adjunct Faculty
Denise M. Webster Adjunct Faculty
Facilities Management Roland Weeden Manager
Firehouse, 2nd Floor 4102252261 rweeden@mica.edu
Graphic Design Angelique Weger Faculty PT
Megan L. Weikel Adjunct Faculty
Center for Design Practice Michael S. Weikert Director, Center for Social Design & MA in Social Design
Fred Lazarus IV Graduate Studio Center, Room 170 410/225-5113 mweikert@mica.edu
Drawing, Painting & General Fine Arts Howie Lee Weiss Faculty FT General Fine Art
Fox Bulding, F212 4102252260 hweiss@mica.edu
Graphic Design Maureen A. Weiss Faculty FT Graphic Design
Brown Center . mweiss@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies & Faculty Michael E. Weiss Associate Dean for Fine Arts
1210 Mount Royal Avenue, 103 4102255122 meweiss@mica.edu
Bill Wernick Faculty PT
Gee Wesley Adjunct Faculty
Curatorial Practice gwesley@mica.edu
Building Services Breeta White Trade
The Firehouse, 1st Floor bwhite02@mica.edu
Architectural Design Brent White Adjunct Faculty
Dolphin Building bwhite03@mica.edu
Sa Whitley Faculty PT
Undergraduate Admission Beth Ann Whitsel Administrative Data Systems Assistant
Main Building, M130 bwhitsel@mica.edu
Jack Wilgus Emeritus
Events Scott Will Assistant Coordinator Events
Bunting Center, 3rd Floor swill@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies Carla P Williams Administrative Assistant
1210 West Mount Royal Ave . 4102252287 cwilliams03@mica.edu
Exhibitions James Williams Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building, F011 4102252524 jwilliams02@mica.edu
Campus Safety Orielle Williams Campus Safety
1501 West Mount Royal Avenue, 2nd Floor owilliams01@mica.edu
Human resources Sharlane Williams Administrative Asst
Bunting Centre, 3rd Floor swilliams05@mica.edu
Stephanie Williams Faculty FT Animation
Christopher Wilson Faculty PT
John J. Wilson Emeritus
Richard Wilson Adjunct Faculty
Open Studies Samantha Winters Faculty PT
Brown Center, Room 304 swinters02@mica.edu
Lloyd Wise Faculty PT
LeRoy E Hoffberger School of Painting lwise@mica.edu
Eileen T Wold Faculty PT
The Kreeger Museum, 2401 Foxhall Road NW ewold@mica.edu
Mary M Wolf Adjunct Faculty
John T Woods Maintenance Technician I
Fiber Kristine Woods Faculty FT Fiber
Mount Royal Station, S200 4102252492 kwoods@mica.edu
Foundation Roger Woods Administrative Coordinator
Main Building, M260 4102252535 rwoods@mica.edu
Painting Department Saya Woolfalk Faculty PT
Angela Wright Institute Patrol Officer
Film and Video Patrick G. Wright Full Time Faculty
Brown Center, BR401 4102251016 pwright@mica.edu
Sarah Wright Faculty PT
Humanistic Studies Jessica Haywood Wyatt Faculty PT
Bunting Center, 4th Floor jwyatt@mica.edu
Printmaking Eva A Wylie Faculty FT Printmaking
Dolphin Building 4102252318 ewylie@mica.edu