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Students of all races and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and expressions, ability, religious, political, socio-economic backgrounds and all other areas comprising diversity are central to our mission of creating a truly multi-cultural environment promoting cross-cultural sharing and learning.

Center for Identity and Inclusion Programming Committee

This committee is composed of MICA students committed to developing cultural programming that represents various cultures, ethnicities, genders, races, religions, and ages on campus.

The purpose of the Diversity Programming Committee is to plan and coordinate programs that serve the cultural needs of MICA's diverse student body, as well as to provide guidance and assistance for programs sponsored by the Office.

 The Program Committee - Diversity Programmer position supports the social and educational programmatic aims of the office by assisting in the development, implementation, and evaluation of identity-based programs related to issues of diversity, exclusivity and respect. The Diversity Programmer position must demonstrate professionalism, sensitivity towards social identities, cultural competence, and customer service at all times, while also responding effectively to community needs. 

Applications for the Program Committee - Diversity Student Programmer position are a part of MICA's iLead Student Leader application process. For more information about the iLead process, please reach out to the Student Activities Office. For more information about the CII Program Committee, please reach out to us at

The Center for Race and Culture

The Center for Race and Culture (CRC) is an interactive center that will research and investigate the dynamics of race, culture and it's relationship to visual art traditions and practice that will prepare students for leadership roles in the regional, national and international art world. The CRC will be a site where scholars, doctoral candidates, artists, critics, musicians, actors, and historians can research or create events, exhibitions, projects or performances that focus on the aesthetic dynamics of race and culture with the intent to break down racial barriers and build bridges of cultural understanding and meaningful and productive relationships.

Cultural Expansion Committee

The Cultural Expansion Committee (CEC) is committed to fostering a culturally diverse, creative and inclusive environment for the entire MICA community. The committee aspires to achieve this goal by facilitating projects grounded in a provocative, comprehensive and nurturing academic structure. The CEC works in tandem with the Center for Identity and Inclusion in support of both curricular and extracurricular programs and projects that encourage and support the inclusion of new ideas, perspectives and peoples into the canon of the college. In this pursuit, the CEC actively works to overcome artificial impediments to cross-departmental cooperation and the creative, coordinated investment of institutional resources and energy.

Committee Members: Colette Veasey-Cullors, Paula Phillips, Shadra Strickland, Elizabeth Miller, Jyung Mee Park and Susan Waters-Eller.

Faculty and Staff Queer Alliance

Faculty and Staff Queer Alliance (FASQA) is comprised of MICA staff and faculty members that meet on a regular basis for event-planning, fundraising, networking, and socializing. They also serve in a mentor-capacity to the students and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at MICA; having many collaborations with MIQA, the LGBT student organization for undergraduate students. Goals include LGBT scholarship, outreach, and awareness.

Power and Equity Forum

The Power and Equity Forum at MICA invites MICA community members to join the discussion among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff to create a more inclusive campus at MICA. The forum's goals are to identify and make recommendations to inform a college-wide, multi-year initiative to promote a more equitable, diverse and reflective place of learning at MICA.


Spectrum Unity Association's mission is to maximize the level of professional and social achievement and the success of all staff and faculty of color at MICA. They strive to foster an understanding of the culture and heritage of people of color within the MICA community through cultural awareness activities and active participation in campus governance, programs, and events. This will be accomplished by serving as a support system, mentoring network, and a resource for academic and professional development. Spectrum Unity Association will provide a forum for addressing important issues which affect faculty, staff, and students of color at MICA and to advise the College's leadership regarding these needs and concerns. United by the common goal to serve as leaders and positive role models for each other and to the community, we serve by contributing to the betterment of MICA in supporting its mission of becoming the leading institution for the education of artists in the nation.

Spirituality Resources

Please see our Spirituality Resources page for a list of religious organizations in Baltimore.

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