The Architectural Design concentration allows non-majors to develop a foundation of usable skills, knowledge, and related competences within architecture and gain valuable experience in its application to topics of their choice. The concentration consists of 15 credits, of which 9 credits will be earned in the core design studios.

The concentration provides a basic introduction to key topics, including representation and analytic techniques; the design process and the development of rigorous design strategies; and how to work with restrictive design elements such as the body, site, program, light, air, materials, structures, and building methods.

Students gain a wide range of skills, knowledge, the ability to integrate those into architectural design work and to solve design problems in their work outside of the department by bringing an architectural design approach to fine art and other areas of design.

The nine-credit core of the concentration represents the foundation of basic learning in the field of architecture. The remaining six credits will be open to any of the topical studio electives or any other course offered in the department provided prerequisites are met or exempted by the instructor.

Architectural Design Concentration Requirements

Integrated 3D Design: Form, Order, and Concept* AD 200 3.0
Fabrication Methods* AD 201 3.0
Architectural Design: Interior/Exterior AD 210 3.0
Architectural Design Electives AD 6.0

*Courses are co-requisites and must be taken in the same semester

Additional recommended courses include World Architecture (AH 250), Modern Architecture & Urbanism (AH 376), and Contemporary Architectural Criticism (AH 379).