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Graduate Student Registration

Registering for your graduate studies isn't difficult, but it does require planning. Plan your creative path at MICA smartly - take a moment to review the information on this page.

The Office of Enrollment Services is available to assist you in the registration process to maximize your curricular experience and complete your degree requirements.

Schedule of Courses

The Spring 2019 Schedule of Courses is available from the Office of Enrollment.

Registering for Courses

Graduate students may enroll in graduate-level courses directly through the MICA Student Service Center. Questions on how to log in to your Student Service Center? Follow these Registration Instructions to access your account and register online.

Contact Graduate Enrollment Advisor, LaShay Harvey,, with questions or issues. You should also contact your graduate director for advice or direction regarding course selection. To make an advising appointment with LaShay Harvey, make an appointment here.

Graduate Student Degree Plans

Each graduate program has specific degree plan requirements. To view your full curriculum and list of required courses, visit your program's webpage, available through the Graduate Programs of Study page.

Registration Appointment Times

Take a look at the times below for your respective program. You will see a HOLD on your account until your registration appointment window.

Questions on how to log into your Student Service Center? View this presentation on how to log in to your account, search and enroll in classes.

Registration Appointment Times Programs
Ongoing May 2018 -  June 15th NEW MAAE and MFAST students (Summer Session 2018)
Monday, July 9th at 10AM Graphic Design, MA
Curatorial Practice, MFA
Tuesday, July 10th at 10AM Community Arts, MFA
Graphic Design, MFA
Graphic Design, MA
Filmmaking, MFA
LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting, MFA
Illustration Practice, MFA
Illustration, MA
Mount Royal School of Art, MFA
Rinehart School of Sculpture, MFA
Photographic and Electronic Media, MFA
Social Design, MA
Teaching, MA
Post-Bacc Fine Art *Ongoing through Summer

*The program director (Bill Schmidt) will contact each Post-Bac Fine Art students individually to advise on course selections. Once advised, your graduate advisor will release the registration hold and students can register online through the Student Service Center.

The Details

Review additional Graduate Studies Registration information and forms below. Visit the page "Enrollment Forms for Degree Programs" for a complete list of forms.

Registering for Undergraduate Courses with Enrollment Restrictions

Graduate students can register for graduate level courses (5000) online. You will not be able to register online for undergraduate courses (400 level and below) that have enrollment restrictions or pre-requisites. To contact the appropriate department to ask approval to add an undergraduate course to your schedule, you can request permission using this form. (PLEASE NOTE: Some courses cannot enroll graduate students.) Please allow 2-3 business days to process your request. You will be notified by email if permission was granted and the course added to your schedule.

Download Form

Baltimore Student Exchange Program

Explore elective courses at our partner institutions (Johns Hopkins University and University of Baltimore) through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program. Forms and approval required through Enrollment Services. Contact Bryanna Parish, BSEP Coordinator, in the Office of Enrollment Services with questions/approval.

Learn more

Independent Study

Independent study courses require the instructor approval, and a completed contract complying with MICA standards. Forms should be returned to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Download Form

Internship Credit

Professional internships may also be substituted for studio / liberal arts elective credit with permission from your program director. Students must attend an Internship Orientation through the Office of Career Development. Visit MICA’s Career Development internship blog for more information.

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Critical Studies Concentration

​You are encouraged to contact Jennie Hirsh, Director, MA Critical Studies with questions about the concentration course eligibility, approval of a capstone written project or to review your course sequencing.

Email Jennie

Fall 2018 Elective Guide

Looking for a great elective course for Fall 2018?

Not all programs require electives - so be sure to review your program's degree plan in our Elective Guide. The guide is a summary of recommended graduate-level studio, liberal arts and professional development electives courses.

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