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Total credits for a concentration in Theater: 15.

The two linked courses culminate in ticketed, revenue-producing, multiple public performances in MICA’s BBOX in the spring semester, usually in mid-April.

PERF303 From Text to Performance is required of all students who enroll in The Play’s the Thing for a given year. The course is devoted to an intensive study of the script(s) for that year’s production. Students earn the second three credits in a given year in one of two linked FA303 courses—FA303 Technical Design, for those students selected for set, lighting, sound and prop design and construction, or FA303 Production for those who have been selected as actors, stage managers, costume/makeup designers and producers, and publicity/marketing designers and producers.

Requirements for the Theater Concentration

Course Title

Course #


The Play's the Thing (year one and two) PERF 303 6.0
The Play's the Thing (year one and two) FA 303 6.0
Choose one from the following:    
Writing the Performance
CWRT 404 3.0
The Play's the Thing FA 303 3.0
Costume Design: Materials & Techniques FB 322 3.0
The Expanded Body/Performance FB 344 3.0
Projected Light FILM 313 3.0
Special Effects FILM 320 3.0
Publication Design GD 312 3.0
Exhibition and Installation Design GD 340 3.0
Signs, Exhibits, & Spaces GD 470 3.0
Performance GFA 245 3.0
Moving Pictures GFA 332 3.0
Character Design IL 228 3.0
Hand Letters IL 254 3.0
Studio Remix: Performance IL 203K 3.0
Puppets and Prosthetics IS 331 3.0
Sound Installation Art IS 345 3.0
Performance/Action/Event IS 378 3.0
Contemporary Drama LIT 302 3.0
Performance Poetry LIT 380 3.0
The Age of Shakespeare LIT 218-IH1 3.0
The Play's the Thing PERF 303 3.0
Shakespeare in Performance PERF 446 3.0
Multicultural Theater PERF 318-TH 3.0
Photo Journalism PH 325 3.0
Socially Engaged Photography PH 346 3.0
Landscape & Interior PT 256 3.0
Storytelling and Mythmaking PT 310 3.0

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