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The following degree plan is for the 2018-19 academic year. Current students should log into MyMICA or contact their Advisor for their personalized degree plan

First-Year Requirements Course # Credits
Forum 1 FF 111 3.0
Forum 2 FF 112 3.0
Color & Design FF 120A or 120B 3.0
Forms & Space FF 130A or 130B 3.0
Systems & Time FF 140A or 140B 3.0
Drawing: Tradition & Innovation FF 161 3.0
Drawing: Contemporary Practices FF 162 3.0
First-Year Studio Elective   3.0
Total credits for the First-Year requirements: 24.0
Liberal Arts Requirements Course # Credits
Art Matters AH 100 3.0
Modernism and After AH 201 3.0
Art History Elective AH 6.0
Critical Inquiry HMST 101 3.0
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (any level) 3.0
Humanistic Studies/Literature Elective (300 or 400 level) 3.0
Intellectual History I and II -IH1 and -IH2 6.0
Science/Math Requirement NSCI 3.0
Theory Requirement -TH 3.0
Academic Electives (or Writing Workshop, if required) 6.0
Total credits for the Liberal Arts requirements: 42.0
General Fine Arts Major Requirements Course # Credits
Life Drawing DR 252 3.0
Studio Drawing DR 298 3.0
Introduction to GFA GFA 220 3.0
GFA Junior Independent GFA 320 3.0
Core Studios* CE, DR, FB, FILM, GFA, IS, PH, PR, PT 21.0
Professional Practices for the Visual Artist PD 455 3.0
Senior Thesis I and II FA 498 and 499 12.0
Studio Electives 6.0
Total credits for the General Fine Arts Major requirements: 54.0

*Up to 9.0 credits of GD or IL allowed with GFA Chairperson approval

If an integrated degree in Humanistic Studies, a minor in the Liberal Arts, or the MAT preparatory curriculum is chosen, the total credits would be 126.

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