Total credits for a concentration in Filmmaking: 18.

The culmination of the concentration is a sequence of courses renamed Narrative Filmmaking I (3 credits) and Narrative Filmmaking II (6 credits) or Documentary Filmmaking I (3 credits) and Documentary Filmmaking II (6 credits). The focus (documentary or narrative) would alternate each year. The first course will be a ‘how to’ on all aspects of making and distributing, including planning, budgeting, scouting, and working with actors or subjects (people) in the case of nonfiction. The second semester's course counts for 6 credits and will involve working in a team to film and edit a short, 10-15 minute film.

Requirements for the Filmmaking Concentration

Course Title

Course #


Choose one from the following:    
Narrative Filmmaking and Narrative Filmmaking II
FILM 327 and FILM 337 9.0
Documentary Filmmaking I and Documentary Filmmaking II   9.0
Moving Image I FILM 200 3.0
Moving Image II FILM 300 3.0
Film & Video Electives FILM 3.0