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The Book Arts Concentration is an interdisciplinary framework that allows students an opportunity to study the complexities of the book as a material object and conveyor of artistic meaning. Total credits for a concentration in Book Arts: 15.00

The concentration recognizes those students majoring in all areas who have completed a total of 15 credits as prescribed by the concentration guidelines. Book Arts as an interdisciplinary concentration compliments and shares courses from many departments and provides a unique opportunity to broaden and select a course of study within the context of the book studies. Students receive acknowledgement on their MICA transcript after completing the concentration. Students wishing to declare the concentration should do in their sophomore year, working with their MICA advisor on planning course selections and follow up with the Chairperson of their department. After graduation, students with a book concentration can continue seeking advanced degrees in library science, conservation, museum studies, and digital publication. A simple grouping of courses fulfills the criteria in the following manner.

Requirements for the Book Arts Concentration

Course Title

Course #


Artist's Book PR 354 3.0
Papermaking and Book Structure PR 294 3.0
Three courses from the following list:   9.0
History of Graphic Design AH 240 3.0
History of Prints AH 326 3.0
Making & Using Books in the Middle Ages AH 430 3.0
History of Photography AH 332 3.0
History of Illustration AH 350 3.0
Contemporary Practice in Print Media AH 365 3.0
Typography I GD 201 3.0
Typography II GD 221 3.0
Publication Design GD 312 3.0
Design it Yourself (DIY) GD 366 3.0
Letter Workshop (recommended for GD majors) GD 435 3.0
Lettering and Type (recommended for GD majors) GD 436 3.0
Mixed Media Book GFA 305 3.0
Visual Journalism IL 202 3.0
Narrative: Words and Pictures IL 230 3.0
Handletters (recommended for IL majors) IL 254 3.0
Book Illustration (recommended for IL majors) IL 266 3.0
Sequential Arts (recommended for IL majors) IL 272 3.0
Advanced Book Illustration IL 366 3.0
Internship* INT 402 3.0
The Nature of the Book LIT 307-TH 3.0
Intermediate Poetry Workshop LIT 326 3.0
Photographic Book (recommended for PH majors) PH 354 3.0
Digital Photography PH 362 3.0
Alternative Processes in Photography (recommended for PH majors) PH 386 3.0
Print Media: Traditional Media PR 200 3.0
Print Media: Photo Media and Digital Processes PR 201 3.0
The Illustrative Print PR 222 3.0
Dolphin Press: 'Zine PR 244 3.0
Letterpress PR 248 3.0
History of Paper Structure PR 340 3.0
Bookbinding Sewing Foundation PR 360 3.0
Archaeology of Bookbinding & Paper PR 400 3.0

* Must be related to Book Arts. Consult with the Book Arts coordinator to obtain approval of your internship choice.

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