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The Animation concentration has three paths: traditional narrative/2D; stop-motion; and 3D animation. Total credits for a concentration in Animation: 15.

Students are freely encouraged to take any or all of the recommended animation or studio electives they choose, provided they can work them into their primary degree plan within their major. The elective limitations apply to the concentration requirements only. Choices are limited to a certain number of courses within a given area to assure that students are exposed to a variety of experiences within their concentration.

Requirements for the Animation Concentration

Course Title

Course #


Introduction to 2D Animation AN 202 3.0
 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation or Stop-Motion Animation AN 203 or AN 225 3.0
Advanced 2D Animation, Advanced 3D Open Studios, or Stop-Motion Open Studio AN 302, AN 303, or AN 340 3.0
Animation Electives AN 6.0


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