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Student Resources

First Generation Students

As a first generation college student, or a student who is first in their immediate family to attend college, we welcome you to MICA! We are thrilled that you have chosen to become a part of the MICA community and look forward to learning about you, and what makes you passionate in your art.

Nearly 10% of undergraduate students who attend MICA identify as first generation, coming from many different cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, and familial backgrounds. This means that the first generation students at MICA may experience different challenges during their transition into college, and need different support and resources.

In order to help you acclimate to college life and learn about the MICA community we have provided some useful information to help get you started. If you still have questions, or can't find the information that you are looking for, you can reach out to any of the resources on this page and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Navigating the MICA Community

Getting Involved on Campus

Do you want to get more involved in politics and community outreach, connect with students who share your identities/beliefs, or maybe find a group to game with…then the Center for Student Engagement is the place for you! Here you can learn more about opportunities like:

  • Joining a student organization
  • Meeting other students on campus
  • Attending student campus programming
  • Connecting to leadership and involvement opportunities
  • Bringing community service and arts together

The Center for Student Engagement is home to more than 30 student organizations, the Student Voice Association (MICA's student government), and a variety of programs and activities to keep students involved on campus.

Meyerhoff House – 1st Floor
Phone: 410-225-2284

Academic Advising

Unsure what classes to take, feeling overloaded, or want to learn about another degree program or concentration? Academic Advisors are your go-to source for all degree related resources and course information.

All first year students have the same academic advisor as part of the Foundation Year curriculum, and are then assigned to a permanent, upperclass academic advisor during the Spring semester of your first year.

Bunting Building – 2nd Floor
Phone: 410-225-2315

Residence Life

If you live on campus, consider reaching out to the Office of Residence Life, if you have questions or concerns about your housing situation, or if you’re not sure what other resources are available on campus. A great resource for on-campus students are the Residential Advisors, also known as RA’s. RA's are students living in each of the Residence Halls who are trained and able to help with a variety of concerns and questions from finding your way around the MICA campus to assisting with roommate conflicts.

For more information about the Office of Residence Life, living on campus and how they can help to enhance your experience at MICA, you can visit their website. For answers to frequently asked questions from students and parents you can also visit the Quick Answers page.

Students who are planning on living off-campus either now, or in the future, can access resources and information through the Office of Residence Life as well. This page can assist you with not only the hunt for an apartment, but also answer questions about renters insurance, and handling a lease.

Founders Green
Phone: 410-225-2398

Money Matters

Paying for college can be complicated and confusing, so it is important to know that there are resources here at MICA to help you navigate the process and make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the financial decisions that you are making. Here are MICA, there are two primary offices that handle money related questions and concerns from students and parents.

Student Accounts will be able to assist you with any questions regarding the topics below. Their knowledgeable staff will be able to present you with all your options and help you to decide the plan that is going to work best for your circumstances.

  • Tuition, fees, room, board
  • Financial options and policies, and your account
  • Information regarding my meal plan, flex points and dining dollars

Student Accounts
Bunting Building - 240
Phone: 410-225-2356

In the Office of Financial Aid the staff counsels students and families about financial planning and assistance, makes available applications for many aid sources, and administers a variety of aid programs. They are available to answer questions and concerns about any of the following:

  • Applying for financial aid
  • Types of available financial aid
  • Financial aid deadlines
  • Filing the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Office of Financial Aid
Bunting Building – 3rd Floor
Phone: 410-225-2285

Student Employment

As a student at MICA there are multiple opportunities for employment on-campus in areas such as dining services, as a Residential Advisor (RA), or working in a specific department on campus such as the library. Positions listed as “Student Employee” on the HR website are open to any student who meets the qualifications of the position.

MICA also hires students into work-study positions all over campus. Work-study jobs provide part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. If you are eligible for a work-study job, it is indicated in your federal financial aid package.

For more information, visit the Department of Human Resources - Student Positions page for more information on available positions and instructions on how to apply.

Angel Fund

The Division of Student Affairs hosts resources to assist and support enrolled, full-time graduate or undergraduate students who experience a short term financial hardship. The purpose of the "angel" fund is not to resolve a fundamental inability to afford a MICA education; instead the intent is to bridge unexpected issues that temporarily derail a student's success.

The amount of financial support available is limited to no more than $500 for any one request. Students may only receive one grant per semester, and a maximum of twice during their MICA career. Those interested must complete the application form which will be reviewed in a rolling, private manner upon receipt.

Each request will be considered by a small, confidential group within the Division of Student Affairs. Depending upon the nature of the request, it is possible that a meeting with a member of the Student Affairs staff will be required before a decision is made on the application.

Examples of items eligible for assistance due to short term financial hardship include but are not limited to:

  • Art Supplies
  • Food
  • Emergency Travel
  • Prescription Drug Co-Pays

Due to the likely high amount needed and the long term implication of the financial problem, rent/housing (on or off-campus) is not eligible to be supported by these resources. However, if you are struggling and concerned about housing security, please contact the Office of Residence Life, who will help you to explore possible alternatives and options.

Any questions about this program may be directed to the Associate Dean for Student Health & Wellness in the Office of Student Affairs (Bunting 260) by calling 410-225-2422. Funds will typically be distributed in the form of a check or direct payment/purchase of the items in question. Please allow a minimum of five business days for review of each request.

Technology Support

Can’t access your MICA email or your laptop refuses to connect to the Wifi? Technology (TSS) (x829) plays a critical role in the success of education here at MICA. They support the infrastructure behind MICA's campus networks, classroom and lab technology, MICA's email accounts, Moodle's online classrooms, MICA webspace, and MICA software among many other systems and resources. They can help you if you are:

  • Having trouble with your MICA account or network service
  • Need help with Creative Cloud and Office 365 software licensing
  • How to use Moodle

Art Tech Center - 2nd Floor
Phone: 410-225-2201

Campus Support Resources

Here at MICA we want all students to know that they are a vital part of the community with much to contribute as artists and individuals. Our hope is that all students have positive experiences that will support them in the creation of their work. However, we understand that sometimes things happen that may make adjusting to college a stressful transition impacting academics, health, and wellness.

If you are concerned about financial worries, health problems in your family, being away from home, or helping your parents understand life at MICA, please know there are several support options within the MICA community to assist you during this time.

Center for Identity and Inclusion (CII)

The Center for Identity and Inclusion are based on a philosophy of inclusion and fostering recognition and respect for the voices of all students. They work with students in the MCIA community providing support and resources for:

  • Issues regarding culture, class, race, gender, sexuality, identity, religion and more
  • Safe spaces for me to bring my issues, address my concerns, and obtain direction, information, referrals and mentoring
  • History months, exhibitions, performances, and workshops that explore personal and cultural identity
  • Joining an identity based student organization

Fox Building - 110
Phone: 443-552-1659

The Assistant Director of Transitions

Working as part of the Center for Student Engagement, the Assistant Director of Transitions is responsible, not only for planning Orientation days, but also assisting students once they arrive on campus. At MICA it is important to us that students feel part of the community.

  • Works with students new to the MICA community
  • Helps students make connections across MICA's campus.
  • Provides resources to help students make the most of their MICA experience

Meyerhoff House - 1st Floor
Phone: 410-225-2284

Student Development Specialist

If you have questions about general life at MICA, accessing resources, or student life (not covered in this page), please contact the Student Development Specialist, who works with students experiencing a variety of personal needs, and can provide referrals to on-campus and off-campus services. The Student Development Specialist can:

  • Communicate and coordinate with faculty when a student is struggling
  • Assist students with medical withdraws or leave of absence
  • Provide both on and off campus referrals
  • Serve as a starting place when students aren’t sure what resources they need

Bunting Building – 260
Phone: 410-225-2422

Campus Safety

The safety of all students, faculty and staff is a commitment MICA Campus Safety makes to the community by providing officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Campus Safety officers patrol campus, and are stationed at the entrances of most MICA buildings. In addition to building and campus patrols, they:

  • Send out MICA Alerts via text message
  • Respond to incidents on and around campus
  • Provide resources to report crime and suspicious behavior.
  • Offer access to Rave Guardian - a cellphone based panic button app.

Health and Wellness Fitness

Visit MICA Fitness. MICA Fitness is dedicated to providing innovative, fun, and challenging programs to encourage an active healthy lifestyle for artists.

  • Working out on campus
  • Fitness classes like, Yoga, Zumba, and Aikido at convenient times around my courses and work schedule
  • Fitness-related organizations related to active activities such as break dance, ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and the outdoors club

1501 W Mount Royal - Lower Level
Phone: 410-225-4951


Students who are struggling to adjust to college, experiencing outside stressors, or dealing with mental health concerns have a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate resource on the MICA campus in the Student Counseling Center (SCC). The SCC staff will provide an assessment of the problem and offer a thoughtful strategy to resolve the problem and achieve personal goals for growth and development. The SCC can provide assistance with:

  • Support for an upsetting event, challenges throughout college, difficulty adjusting MICA, emotional crises and mental health concerns
  • Developing a positive adjustment to college life
  • Offering workshops and seminars
  • Providing referrals for continued off-campus care and support

1501 W Mount Royal - Lower Level
Phone: 410-225-2367

Student Health Services

From your head to your toes and everything in between, MICA Student Health Services are here to care for you. MICA Student Health Services is open to all students, whether you live on-campus or off. They can be your first stop for:

  • Immunizations/vaccinations, physicals, prescriptions, sick visits, and urgent care (sprains, strains, burns, etc.)
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health services such as routine gynecological exams, STD testing and treatment, contraception education and counseling
  • Walk-in free HIV Testing
  • If you are not feeling well

1501 W Mount Royal - Upper Level
Phone: 410-225-4118/410-225-4120

Health Insurance

All MICA students are automatically enrolled in the MICA Health Insurance plan, which is billed as part of your tuition statement. If you are covered under other insurance from a parent or guardian, you can choose to waive the MICA health insurance.

Please note that if you choose to waive your health insurance, you must complete the process each academic year. It does not automatically waive your insurance for your entire time at MICA.

Login information to view your health insurance options or to waive the MICA insurance can be found in the letter sent to your permanent address during the summer, or on the MICA Health Insurance webpage.

Navigating MICA and Baltimore City

MICA's Office of Transportation and Campus Safety work together to:

  • Enforce the parking policy and distribute parking passes for students and staf
  • Provide an interactive parking map to students and visitors
  • Offer Shuttle Bus transportation on campus, to local residential areas, and local grocery shopping

Baltimore City also offers a variety of transportation options around the city and to areas within Baltimore County:

  • Learn about public transportation options
  • Maryland Transit Administration
  • Baltimore City Department of Transportation

There are additional options for transportation through Uber and Lyft.


Lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to students wishing to leave supplies or artwork on campus. Lockers are available on third floor of the Main building and the second floor of Fox. Use the yellow toolbar on the left hand side of this page to sign up.

Meyerhoff Underground

Located in Meyerhoff House, the Meyerhoff Underground is a great space for commuter students to hang out in between classes, or at the end of a long day! Equipped with a microwave and refrigerator, you are more than welcome to store your own food and reheat your meals. There are also tables, chairs, comfy couches, and a television connected to cable so you can always watch your favorite shows. Additionally the Meyerhoff Underground has lockers available first come, first serve, so you can store your belongings or art supplies, just supply your own lock!

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