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Student Health Center

Medication Management

The staff of the MICA Student Health Services is pleased to assist students under the care of a home medical provider with medication management while attending school in Baltimore, Maryland.

In order to provide safe and appropriate care, we request that students sign the following two documents and return them to the student health center so that the appropriate records can be received and reviewed prior to their medical visit.

  1. Release of Information (ROI) for the current prescribing provider in order to obtain the last two office notes
  2. Request and Consent for Continuity of Medical Management form signed and received from home provider

After medical records are received, the student should schedule a 30 minute appointment at the student health center to discuss medication management.

We will require that the student have an annual office visit with their home provider for routine follow-up and medication dose adjustments as needed.

Please note that medication prescriptions will not be given until all records are received.

ADD/ADHD Medication Management 

Students who may be considered for ADD/ADHD medication prescriptions at the student health center:

  1. Students who are stable on ADD/ADHD medication and have a prescribing provider out of state: The student must complete the following two documents and have them faxed to the MICA student health center 1) Release of Information (ROI) from their home provider and 2) Medication Continuation Contract. Prescriptions will not be given until supporting documentation is received at the student health center. A one-time prescription may be considered pending supporting documentation, but this is up to the discretion of the prescribing provider.
  2. Students who have been on ADD/ADHD medications for a significant amount of time during childhood/adolescence and have had a recent break in care: Students who are currently not under the care of a medical provider prescribing ADD/ADHD medication are advised to contact their insurance company for a list of mental health providers in the Baltimore area who are covered under their plan in order to establish care for medication management. The student will be required to have an appointment scheduled with a prescribing mental health provider prior to receiving a temporary prescription from the MICA  student health center. In order to receive a temporary medication prescription from the MICA student health center while transitioning care, the student is required to schedule a 30 min appt with a MICA MD for consultation and request that records from the most recent prescribing provider be faxed to the student health center before the appointment.

Please note: the MICA physician provider is available for office appointments on the very limited basis of 8 hours per month.

Students who will not be considered for ADD/ADHD prescription at the MICA student health center:

New onset adult ADHD (no lifetime history of ADD/ADHD medication):

Students are advised to contact their insurance company for a list of mental health providers in the area who are covered under their insurance plan and are available for a neurocognitive evaluation for ADD/ADHD. There is limited availability for psychiatric evaluation through the MICA counseling center at 410-225-2367.

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