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FAQ: Shipping Questions

Frequently asked Questions about Shipping and Receiving at MICA

What happens at the start of the semester?


Student that live on campus should wait to ship packages to their residence halls to arrive on or after the first day of classes: January 22, 2019.


Returning students living off-campus can have packages sent to Postal & Print Services.


We recommend Faculty email their copy jobs for class early, before the start of classes.


Staff ordering supplies for classes or for their departmental use are welcome to do so a week or so before classes start.



What happens at the end of the semester?

All students moving home should fill out a change of address form available at Postal & Print or online.


Update your address changes through the portal.


Be sure to stop by the front desk of your residence hall to see if there are any packages waiting for you.


Students who graduated in May 2018 may no longer use MICA addresses to receive packages.



What happens over break?


Over Fall Break and Spring Break, mail and packages will continue to be delivered to residence halls.


Over Winter Break, Residence Hall mail and packages will be held at Postal & Print Services until the start of classes in the spring. You will receive package notifications through our Pitney Bowes system to come pick up your packages if you remain on campus during break.


Please hold your Amazon Fresh orders for this time period. We reserve the right to dispose of any perishable food items we receive during break.


Postal & Print will bring all of the residence hall packages back to the residence halls on the first day of classes in the spring.


Feel free to temporarily forward your USPS mail to your home address using the USPS website. Be sure to update your paycheck address in the portal and your USPS shipping address at your online vendors to ensure timely delivery of your mail and packages.



What happens if I move?


If you change residence hall addresses, move off-campus or withdraw from MICA, please update your address information on the portal to make sure your subsequent mail and packages reach you.



What happens if I ship something and lose my tracking number and my package goes missing?


If you ship a letter or large envelope, you can request a Certified tracking number that will track the progress of your mail piece at the time of mailing.


1st-class packages, Priority and Priority Mail Express as well as FedEx, UPS and DHL shipments all come with tracking numbers that we can look up if they get lost.


If you drop off a package with a return label, we recommend taking a picture of the label before you ship to keep a record of your tracking number. We also scan tracking numbers of dropped off packages, but not the shipping information that goes with it.


What’s the best way to ship something?


Small: Please ensure that your envelope or package is at least 3" x 5" so that it doesn't get lost in the mail

Large: We recommend UPS Ground for shipping heavy or large dimension packages.

Valuable: We can only insure packages with UPS, FedEx and DHL (International only). We recommend you insure your package for the full replacement value.

Fragile: We have spare cardboard and some lightly used packaging supplies. We also sell bubble wrap and packing paper. Please make sure you leave 2" of packaging material between the object and the outside of the box. Also be sure that when you lightly shake the package that no movement occurs inside.

A Computer: Wrap the computer in paper, put it in a small box. Wrap the box in bubble wrap and put it in another box. Insure the package with UPS shipping.