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Awareness & Prevention

Property Protection

The following are common-sense reminders for protecting your property. Crime prevention denies opportunity.

Please remember and practice these tips at all times.

  1. NEVER leave personal belongings unattended, whether in an office, classroom, library, or studio. Wallets, backpacks, and pocketbooks are PRIME TARGETS for the “hit and run” thief. If you must leave belongings in your car, lock them out of sight in the trunk.
  2. Even if you are going to be gone for “just a minute,” take your belongings with you.
  3. Don’t leave large sums of money in your room.
  4. Write down the serial numbers of all valuables (stereos, TVs, computers) and keep the list in a safe place. These are critical to property recovery.
  5. Engrave your driver’s license number and the issuing state on all valuables, and make it is clearly visible. Engravers are available to borrow at the Campus Safety office at no charge.
  6. Do not engrave valuables with your Social Security number. Those numbers are federally protected, and law enforcement agencies are unable to learn an owners identity if property is recovered.