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Awareness & Prevention

Basic Street Sense

  1. Criminals don’t “come out of nowhere.” They are hiding on the same pavement you are walking on. When out on the street do not switch off your personal radar. Pay attention to people and vehicles 100 feet from you and assess not only immediate danger, but also the potential for any future danger.
  2. It is important to be aware of your surroundings for both potential threats, and for escape routes. Look around and observe what’s going on near and around you.
  3. Walk with a friend or a group of friends. Walk briskly, know where you are going, and be familiar with an area before traveling it on foot.
  4. Walk with confidence—send the message that you’re calm, aware, and in control. Body language works.
  5. Be aware of anyone approaching or closing the gap. Avoid stopping to answer questions, or responding to some comment or innocuous request.
  6. Report strangers or suspicious activity in the area to Campus Safety and the Baltimore City Police immediately.
  7. Don't let alcohol or drugs fog your judgment.
  8. Avoid walking or jogging alone, especially at night.
  9. Stick to well-lighted and well-traveled areas. At night, try to stay on well-lighted streets. Avoid doorways, shrubbery, dark shadows near buildings, and other potential hiding places.
  10. Avoid taking shortcuts through isolated areas like alleys and parking lots.
  11. Park in well-lit areas, even if you will be gone only a few minutes.
  12. Take the shuttle and use on-campus walking escorts.
  13. Stay away from deserted laundromats or apartment house laundry rooms at night; be cautious in the daytime.
  14. When you take out your wallet, don't reveal your money.
  15. Never leave your purse or backpack unattended.
  16. If someone is following you, cross the street, change directions, vary your pace, or walk in the street.
  17. Try to let someone know where you are going.
  18. Wear comfortable shoes and try to avoid walking distances in high heels, especially at night.
  19. Whistles or Freon horns are good to carry; they might scare off potential attackers.
  20. Don't hitchhike, and don't pick up hitchhikers.
  21. When driving in your car, keep doors locked; always check around and under your car as you approach it. Make sure to look into your car before getting in. Don't let your car surprise you.
  22. In a cab or friend's car, ask the driver to wait until you signal you are safely inside your house before they depart.
  23. Report strangers or suspicious activity in the area immediately to Campus Safety and the Baltimore City Police.
  24. Trust your instincts!

For more information, pick up a Street Sense pamphlet at the Campus Safety office.