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Create a critical consciousness.

Engaging in the arts, whether through required courses or extracurricular activities, is valuable in developing essential skills that professionals need, like critical thinking and observational and communication skills, as well as bias awareness and empathy.

MICA offers Community Education courses and workshops in pastel painting, figure drawing, oil painting, open studio model sessions, and seminars on art collecting.

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Using What You Have: Found Objects, Personal Memoir and the Artist's Book

This course builds visual vocabulary and a bookmaking skills, developing individual self-expression through bookmaking techniques. Assignments will highlight varied aspects of artist books and offer opportunity for discussion of contemporary art and critique. Narrative subject material will include personal memoir and found objects. Processes will emphasize recycling, storytelling, and incorporating students' past artworks and found objects in finished compositions. Finished objects will include accordion books, various bound books and upcycled hardback books.

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