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Video Streaming Service for Faculty

Faculty: Need your class to watch a film? See if our streaming site for faculty has what you need.

Decker Library offers the video streaming services Kanopy for faculty class use. 

Faculty can access Kanopy here

Note: We do not have access to every film on Kanopy - for some films we will need to purchase streaming rights. You might see a notice that says "This film is not yet available at your library yet," followed by a request form. Please fill this out. Depending on the day you have made a request, it may take a couple days for us to purchase streaming rights and for Kanopy to process payment. 

Please note that Enoch Pratt Free Library (EPFL) offers Kanopy for those with a library card. We highly suggest for all campus members to go to a branch and sign up for a library card in order to get access to their Kanopy as well as other amazing resources. 

If you cannot find a title you need through EPFL's Kanopy, and we do not already have the title, please send us a request to purchase a physical copy

All titles that have been purchased will be available until their expiration date, a year after they were purchased. 

Everyone on campus still has access to our other streaming service: 

Search for anything and everything at MICA:

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