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The MPS in the Business of Art and Design curriculum consists of three 4-day residencies, two 4-week intensives, and six 8-week sessions over a 14 month period.


Residencies occur on MICA's campus. These brief residencies are long weekends. 

course title course number credits
Residency I MBAD5901 0.33
Residency II MBAD5902 0.33
Residency III MBAD5903 0.34


course title course number credits
Business Basics MBAD 5100 2
Thesis and Reflection MBAD 5600 2


Each 8-week session is comprised of two 2-credit classes. Each course is a mixture of both asynchronous and synchronous learning.

course title course number credits
Business Management MBAD 5101 2
Business Writing (Media, PR, proposals, grants) MMBAD 5102 2
Human Resources MBAD 5201 2
Taxes MBAD 5202 2
Marketing MBAD 5301 2
Intellectual Property MBAD 5302 2
Social Media Marketing MBAD 5401 2
Contracts and Negotiations MBAD 5402 2
Business Ethics MBAD 5501 2
Finance  MBAD 5502 2
Leadership MBAD 5601 2
Thesis Development MBAD 5602 3

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