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Teaching (MAT)


The following reflects the requirements for the 2018-19 academic year.

Total credits required for an MA in Teaching: 63.0

Major Studies in Art/Design




Art and Human Development ED 5200 3.0
Critical Response to Art, PreK - 12 ED 5305 3.0
Educational Theory: Teaching and Learning in the Arts ED 5310 3.0
Foundation of Education ED 5206 3.0
Intro to Teaching ED 5202 3.0
MAT Graduate Seminar ED 5510 1.0
MAT Studio Thesis I FA 5590 3.0
MAT Studio Thesis II FA 5591 3.0
Pro Seminar ED 5521 1.0
Strategies to Teaching Art, PreK - 12 ED 5306 3.0
Student Teaching ED 5520 12.0
Teaching Internship I, Field ED 5308 3.0
Teaching Internship II, Field ED 5309 3.0
Teaching Internship I, Seminar ED 5308S 1.0
Teaching Internship II, Seminar ED 5309S 3.0
Teaching Special Education ED 5307 3.0
Visual Thinking in Media, PreK - 12 ED 5304 3.0

Liberal Arts and Studio Electives




Liberal Arts and Studio Electives*   9.0

*May be take either Graduate or Undergraduate courses. Graduate students taking undergraduate courses for graduate credit are required to do additional work and complete the course with a grade of B or better.

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