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Mira Azarm

Mira Azarm is the founder of GoodJinn, where she serves as creative instigator, social designer, and inventive educator.

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Kyle Bodt

Kyle Bodt is an Experience Strategy Manager at KPMG LLP Design and Engineering. He supports clients across multiple industries providing strategic product design insight to motivate humans to engage with software more meaningfully.

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James Bowerman

James Bowerman is a design strategist for Maga Design and acts as the lead strategist for the firm's Northeastern military team.

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Glennette Clark

Glennette Clark is founder and CDO of Lazy Smart Consulting, and producer of UXCamp DC, Mobile UXCamp DC, and UXCamp NYC.

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Jonathan Erwin

Jonathan Erwin is an Operations Lead for UrbanStems, a farm-to-city floral delivery company with services in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington.

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Jo Golden

Jo Golden is Service Design Lead at Fjord, a global design and innovation consultancy, based at the Accenture Federal Digital Studio in DC.

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Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson is Founder of The Enigma Bureau, focused on product and customer experience strategy, innovation, and user research. Adam spent 20 years working in both consulting and in-house roles in Silicon Valley, has written regularly for Harvard Business Review, and his book, Innovation X, came out in 2010.

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Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson is the founder and strategic director of Daring Studios, integrative business and strategic facilitation consultancy. She helps rising leaders and small businesses grow using human-centered design and visual thinking.

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