Completing the following courses would satisfy course requirements for the Graduate Concentration in Curatorial Practice.

Requirements for the MFA in Curatorial Practice

*3.00 of the 6.00 Liberal Arts Elective should be a writing course.

Course Title Course # Credits
First Year: Semester I    
Graduate Seminar I CP6000 3.0
Practicum I CP5650 3.0
Thesis I - Fieldwork and Research CP5600 3.0
First Year: Semester II    
Graduate Seminar II CP6100 3.0
Practicum II CP5750 6.0
Thesis II: Proposal CP5700 3.0
Second Year: Semester III    
Graduate Seminar III CP6200 3.0
Thesis III - Production CP6600 6.0
Second Year: Semester IV    
Graduate Seminar IV CP6300 3.0
Thesis IV: Presentation CP6700 6.0
Additional Courses    
Intercultural Approaches to CP CP5800 3.0
Graduate Survey of Contemporary Art & Theory AH5582 3.0
Graduate Liberal Arts Elective   6.0
Graduate Free Electives   9.0
Total Credits   60.0