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Aug. 03
Jan. 04


Humans now recognize more brands than plants. In order to combat this trend, OVERLOOKED employs biomimicry in reverse. Instead of following the human adaptation of nature’s problem-solving abilities, the surreal nature of OVERLOOKED adopts human methods…
Oct. 04
Feb. 10

Across County Lines: Contemporary Photography from the Piedmont

Photography is arguably the region’s most widely practiced artistic medium. From analogue to digital to experimental, the range of photographic techniques practiced throughout North Carolina is both broad and deep. Across County Lines: Contemporary Photography…
Sep. 21
Mar. 10

Lauren Frances Adams: Crazy Quilt

Painting Faculty Lauren Frances Adams exhibits at the Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 21 Sept 2018 – 10 March 2019.  The wallpaper commission appropriates from the historic American textile technique called crazy…
Jan. 18
Feb. 10

Mineral Grit - 2019 Staff Juried Exhibition

Betsy Johnson, Juror  "It's 2019 and sometimes it seems like the world is on fire. International news reports tell of unprecedented climate change, widespread political unrest, entrenched discrimination, and a global refugee and migrant crisis. Deciding…
Jan. 30
Feb. 13


GradEx presents DARK PASSENGER in the Fox3 Gallery beginning January 30th. Join us February 2nd at 6pm for the opening reception. 
Feb. 07
May. 03

Exhibition: Citizenship

What does it mean to be a citizen – locally, nationally, and globally? How is civic participation defined? How do we define ourselves as citizens, and what does citizenship mean in a landscape that often seeks to disenfranchise and alienate participants?Five…
Jan. 28
Feb. 22

Exhibition: Traces Left

Katherine Charney (Printmaking '19): Traces Left Student exhibition on view from January 28 to February 22 in the Gateway 2 Gallery at The Gateway.
Jan. 28
Feb. 22

Exhibition: Blackives

Deyane Moses: Solo ExhibitionBlackives: A Celebration of Black History at MICA The Blackives remembers the stories of promising young black artists who attempted to study at MICA, from 1891 to 1958, but could not because of the color of their skin. The…
Jan. 28
Feb. 22

Exhibition: Live Here for a Moment

Annie Kwon, Madison McIntyre, and Alyssa Tauber: Live Here for a Moment Group exhibition on view from January 28 to February 22 at the Piano Gallery in the Meyerhoff House.
Jan. 28
Feb. 22

Exhibition: Pero que deseo tan absurdo

Maria Fragoso (Painting '19): ¡Pero que deseo tan absurdo! Student exhibition on view from January 28 to February 22 in the Gateway 1 Gallery at The Gateway.
Jan. 03
Mar. 17

Rural Avant-Garde: The Mountain Lake Experience

Contemporary art, interdisciplinary research communities, and traditional Appalachian culture converge in Rural Avant-Garde: The Mountain Lake Experience, an exhibition showcasing the collaborative creative works that emerged from nearly four decades…
Jan. 31
Mar. 17

Exhibition: Dreamer's House

Photography Faculty Regina DeLuise exhibits recent photography in MICA's Pinkard Gallery (Bunting Center)   Excerpt from Dreamer's House Essay:  "A photograph is an interpretation of the world. Regina DeLuise could rightly describe what is seen in…
Feb. 01
Mar. 17

Exhibition: Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms

The Maryland Institute College of Art and the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative present Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms, an exhibition that reimagines civic engagement beyond voting in elections. This group exhibition considers how a democracy…
Feb. 12
Feb. 25

YunKyoung Cho: Reminiscences

GradEx presents its first solo show of 2019; Reminiscences by YunKyoung Cho! On display in Gateway from February 12th through the 25th. The opening reception will be held February 16th at 5pm. 
Feb. 25
Mar. 22

Kurt Guo: metadata/

Student exhibition on view at the Piano Gallery in the Meyerhoff House from February 25  to March 22.
Feb. 25
Mar. 22

Ava Kvapil: Parallels

Ava Kvapil, Drawing and Humanistic Studies ’19, Parallels Student exhibition on view at the Pinkard Gallery in Bunting Center from February 25 to March 22.
Feb. 25
Mar. 22

Anny Chen: Love for Labor

Anny Chen, Ceramics ’19, Love for Labor Student exhibition on view at Gateway Gallery 1 in The Gateway from February 25 to March 22.
Feb. 28
Mar. 13

Misha Ilin: In the Lobby of Russian Ark

GradEx is proud to present MISHA ILIN: IN THE LOBBY OF RUSSIAN ARK. Misha is a second-year MFA student in Mount Royal School of Art. Join us for an opening reception at 6:00 pm on March 1st, and catch the exhibition through March 13th in the Gateway building…
Feb. 22
Mar. 08

Sign Language: Breaking Down Behavior

'Sign Language' is an exhibition centered on process, obsession, and patterns. Our need to express ourselves and our identity through language as part of the human condition. Language can be physical visual or oral.
Feb. 22
Mar. 10

Grad Show 1: Teaching, MA

MEET THE NEXT GENERATION OF CREATIVE THINKERSMICA GRAD SHOW 2019 includes innovative and inspiring exhibitions, films, events and public programs featuring the culminating work of 180 of MICA's graduate studies from 16 of the College's internationally…
Mar. 25
Apr. 19

Exhibition: Fireflies Cave

Crystal Xiong, Ceramics ’19, Fireflies Cave Student exhibition on view at the Piano Gallery in the Meyerhoff House from March 25 to April 19.
Mar. 15
Mar. 31

Exhibition: Letters To My Former Selves

A solo exhibition of Megan Carnrite's, "Letters To My Former Selves" put on by GradEx. Curated by: Nina Allen, Imani Haynes, and Brian Rohrbaugh “Letters To My Former Selves,” addresses personal histories and the changing facets of identity. In this…