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Voter Access Initiative

Register to Vote With TurboVote

TurboVote makes registering to vote quick and easy to do. It guides students, staff and faculty through the process required for registration, no matter the state in which they want to vote (e.g. their home state or college state). Provides details on online, in-person, or mail in registration.

  • When available based on a student's state, TurboVote facilitates voting by mail or requesting an absentee ballot. Provide the student with a digital copy of their absentee ballot request form at the end of their signup, but can also mail the form to the student along with a pre-stamped envelope.
  • It also sends reminders for the elections they're eligible to vote in—national, state, and local. Students can choose to receive reminders by email, text, or both. Alert voters 30 days before an election, and the day before. If they have elected to vote in-person, TurboVote will also provide their polling place address, hours of operation, and any ID requirements, when available.


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