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Undergraduate Student Information

Congratulations Graduate Class of 2019!

This website is intended to be your one-stop place for all Senior & Commencement information. In addition, look for “SENIOR NEWS” in your mica email -- a newsletter from Center for Student Engagement with all up-to-date information for the semester,  senior events and Commencement Day.


February 4     Mandatory Senior Meeting, Falvey Hall, Brown Center – 3pm and 5pm. 
Regalia Ordering begins:
February 8-March 8     Application for 2019 Graduation & Graduating Student Survey    
You must complete both forms to receive Commencement tickets and regalia.    
February 8     Commencement Exhibition Proposal Form available online.    PEDESTAL EQUIPMENT DEADLINE, APRIL 1 / PROPOSAL DEADLINE, MAY 1    
February 15      "MICA Talks Alumni Panel"  6:00-8:00pm, Gateway BBOX. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225- 2420    
February 20      Going Global  2:30-3:30 pm, Brown 320. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225- 2420    


March 1  "CONNECT Internship & Career Fair" 2:00-5:00 pm, Brown Center. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225-2420 or go to 
March 6       “Fulbright Information Session"2:30-3:30 pm, Gateway 101. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225- 2420.
March 8    DEADLINE  Application for 2019 Graduation & Graduating Student Survey
You must complete both of these forms to receive Commencement tickets.
March 15     DEADLINE for Commencement Student Speaker applications submitted online
-A senior will be selected to speak at Commencement, on behalf of the senior class
-Candidates will be interviewed by a committee and the top candidates will be placed on a ballot
-The Senior Commencement speaker will be voted by their peers from April 1-7
March 16-24     Spring Break    
March 25-29   Commencement Student Speaker interviews. 
March 25-27     COMMENCEMENT TICKET DISTRIBUTION   –   Brown Center Atrium 
Ticket pick-up is Monday thru Wednesday, 11am – 1pm  &  3 – 5pm
All undergrad students must pick up their allocated tickets during this week.  
All tickets not picked up will be redistributed.  
Each guest, 2 years and older, must have a ticket to enter Symphony Hall for Commencement (graduates do not need tickets).    
If unclaimed tickets are available, each graduating student may apply for up to 2 additional tickets (requests will be done through a website). These tickets will be available on a first come basis. Once all tickets are claimed, there will be a waitlist.  Instructions will be included in “SENIOR NEWS” e-newsletter.    

March 29

Design & Media Reviews 1-4pm, 81 Mosher, Registration Required. Contact Career Development for info & registration, 410-225-2420 or go to


April 1 – April 7     Commencement Student Speaker voting  (see March 15)  
April 1     DEADLINE: Pedestal/ Equipment submission part of proposal closes.                
DEADLINE for transcripts from other Colleges and Institutions to Enrollment Services, 2nd fl. Bunting.    
April 8     Commencement Speaker announced. 
April 12       “Fulbright Information Session with MICA Fulbright Alumni" 3:00-4:30 pm, Lazarus Center Auditorium. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225- 2420.    
April 17     "UP/Start Venture Competition Award Ceremony" 5:30-7:00 pm, Falvey Hall. Contact Career Development for info, 410-225- 2420 or go to    
April 19    

DEADLINE: Last day to order regalia. 

April 19     "Fine Art Reviews" 1-4pm, Main Building, Registration Required Contact Career Development for info & registration, 410-225-2420 or go to   


May 1     DEADLINE MANDATORY Commencement Exhibition Proposal Form for all students exhibiting.                                    
May 10    

Campus parking tickets must be paid by this date.  Student Accounts, Bunting 2nd floor. 

DEADLINE for interviews with Student Accounts for students with Federal Perkins Loans  


Graduating Students’ Accounts
-Student Account Services will close all students’ accounts on the last day of classes.
-All Student Account financial obligations must be cleared, parking tickets paid and all library books and audiovisual equipment must be returned in order to participate in the ceremony and your transcript and diploma will be held.
-If you have met all your financial obligations to the College, you should receive a check in the amount of your security deposit, less any deductions, within four weeks following Commencement. If you have questions, contact Student Account Services, Bunting Center 2nd floor.   

May 10     All student artwork, supplies, etc. Must be removed from every academic building. 
-Only Commencement Exhibition artwork may remain in department spaces after this date.
-All student lockers must be cleaned out.
-Departmental, staff or faculty permission to leave or store artwork or supplies over the summer is not valid and artwork and materials will be disposed of.  
-->Anything left after6pm on this day (May 10) that is not clearly labeled for the2019           Commencement Exhibition will be disposed of.
May 10-14     Installation of Commencement Exhibition. 
Facman will need to complete wall installations in rooms before you can begin installing your exhibition.They hope to have them installed by end of day Monday, May 13. You will need to tape the seams and paint your walls.See Exhibition Guidelines page 2.
May 13     DEADLINE  9am - 4pm  Students exhibiting in Decker or Meyerhoff Galleries deliver artwork to gallery. If you do not meet this deadline you will forfeit your space.