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Commencement Exhibition Guidelines

These exhibition guidelines will you plan for your undergraduate thesis show.

Friday, May 17– Monday, May 20
ArtWalk - Friday, May 17   5:30 – 8:30 pm
Public hours: Friday, May 17  10am-9pm.  Saturday, May 18 - Monday, May 20   10am-5pm
Main Building, Bunting Center, Fox Building, Brown Center, Mt. Royal Station, The Gateway, Film Centre 


  1. All students exhibiting in the 2019 Commencement Exhibition must be a 2019 graduating senior.  Students who earned their degree in December 2018 are eligible to participate the Commencement Exhibition with approval from their department chair. December graduates may also participate in the May 20 Commencement, contact Student Activities, .
  2. Each Department has faculty Commencement Exhibition coordinators and this person will have departmental exhibition information.
  3. The exhibition space available to your Department will determine the size and other limitations for exhibited artwork.  Each Department will assign and coordinate exhibition space with their students.   Students may exhibit in one assigned space, not in multiple spaces on campus.
  4. All deadlines for the Exhibition must be met. Failure to meet a scheduled deadline may result in forfeiture of your exhibition space.  Deadlines are also listed on the Senior Calendar.
  5. The Commencement Exhibition Proposal Form  will be available on-line February 9 and is mandatory by the May 1 deadline for all students exhibiting.
  6. Each piece of artwork in the exhibition must have a label, see page 4. Each Department will coordinate the labels for their student’s artwork in the assigned exhibition spaces.  The Exhibitions Department will coordinate the labels for the Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries directly with students who are exhibiting in that area.
  7. Students may sell artwork in the exhibition through the MICA College Store or directly with a buyer or the artwork may be labeled Not For Sale (NFS), see page 4.  Price for your artwork or NFS must be included on each label.
  8. Exhibition installation must be complete by 5:00 pm, Thursday, May 16. The Exhibition opens at 10:00 am on Friday, May 17.  Information to participate in ArtWalk is in your Senior Calendar.
  9. If you decide to exhibit in space outside the MICA campus, there will not be any support from MICA services or departments

EXHIBITION SPACES Available to Students
Departmental Exhibition Space may be in Main, Bunting, Fox, Brown, Station, 15/15, Film Centre or Gateway

  1. Each Department will have areas and/or rooms that will be used for their students to exhibit.
  2. In collaboration with each student, the Department assigns space to their students and coordinates the installation of artwork.
  3. Students wishing to exhibit in campus exterior or public spaces listed below must complete a “Public Spaces Installation Form” from the Office of Events in Bunting B350 and meet with Jon Lipitz, Director of Events, as well as the on-line Exhibition Proposal Form.
    • Bunting Center:  entrance patio area, front window, planting areas.
    • Fox Building:  front sidewalk, Café Doris windows, patio between Fox and Brown, planting areas.
    • Brown Center:  area between entrance doors and fountain, steps from Mt. Royal Ave. to the building, area from bottom of steps to building, planting areas.  (A Celebration Tent will cover Cohen Plaza.)
    • Mt. Royal Station:  front portico, sidewalks around building, Frost Plaza, wooden steps, hill, concrete steps, concrete slab, grass, trees.
    • 15/15:  exterior plaza.
    • The Gateway: exterior plaza, patio.
      MICA does not own the Mt. Royal Ave. median strips, trees, sidewalks, telephone or light poles; they are Baltimore City property and we cannot give permission to use them.
  4. Students may use BBOX or Falvey Hall.  Contact Nathan Best,, Office of Events.
  5. Temporary exhibition wall panels will be installed by Facman to wall off studio equipment, etc.
    • Students using those walls will need to tape the wall seams and paint the walls. Tape, wall paint and painting equipment will be supplied.
    • Paint and painting equipment will be available in:
      Fox - 2nd fl GFA Lounge- wall paint / 3rd & 4th floors between F410 & F420 - wall and floor paint
      Main – outside M230-wall paint / M330 anteroom – wall and floor paint
      Station – S201 wall / S113 -  wall and floor paint
    • Floor paint will be supplied to match the concrete floors in the studios.  This can be used to paint your area in the concrete floor studios.
      VERY IMPORTANT - Painting equipment is to be shared.  Wash and replace after use.
  6. All artwork must be de-installed by the student and removed from the buildings between 5pm Commencement day and noon, Wednesday, May 22.
  7. No artwork may be stored in any MICA building after 12 noon Wednesday, May 22.  Departmental or faculty permission to store artwork after that date is not valid.  Artwork left after 12 noon on May 22 will be disposed.
  8. Each student is responsible to return their exhibition space as they found it: clean, any special wall or floor paint repainted per Facman, etc. or a cleaning fee may be deducted from your student security deposit.
    Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries All-Department Exhibition    Fox Building 1st floor 
  9. Each Department will coordinate students to exhibit in Decker or Meyerhoff Galleries per allotted space.
  10. No custom wall construction or wall or floor painting is allowed in either Gallery.
  11. Students exhibiting in Decker or Meyerhoff Galleries must deliver their artwork to the gallery where they are assigned on Monday, May 13, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If artwork is not delivered to the Gallery by this deadline, your exhibition space will be forfeited.




Artwork must be finished, dry or fixed with a fixative and ready to hang or install. 

All Installation including labels must be complete by 12 noon Thursday, May 16 

  1. Students will install their artwork in their assigned space.
  2. No artwork or artwork supports can be attached, hung or anchored to light fixtures, sprinkler systems, overhead pipes, any architectural feature or wooden walls. This includes attaching by adhesives of any kind.
  3. No window shades, mini blinds, venetian blinds or drapes may be removed or altered. Re-hanging and damage to them will be deducted from your student security deposit.
  4. No baseboards, room moldings, natural wood floors, MICA statuary or permanent architectural features in any MICA building may be altered in any way, no paint or adhesives may be used on them.
  5. No fire, fireworks, blood, urine, feces, bodily fluids, weapons, explosives, chemicals or other hazardous materials may be used in the exhibition.  Any activity that has potential to cause injury to the artist or others is not permitted.
  6. Proposals that utilize materials that may be potentially harmful, including but not limited to, plant material, live animals, liquids, water, soil, must be reviewed by the Director of Exhibitions whose decision will be final.
  7. No food may be used in artwork or served as part of your exhibition, including at the Sunday reception.
  8. Special color painting of walls, ceilings or floors or any part thereof: 
    • To change paint color of any part of walls, ceilings or floors you must have written permission from Steve Krach, Facman ( or Gerald Ross, Exhibitions (
    • You must sign a form and it must be approved for any special color wall, ceiling or floor painting.
    • You are responsible for returning the walls or ceilings to original color by Wednesday, May 22. Primer and paint will be supplied by Facman, contact Steve Krach.
    • If not complete by May 22 your student account will be charged $250.
  9. Exhibition wall construction:
    •  Facman will install temporary exhibition walls which have been approved by Departments.
    • Facman reserves the right to alter or change wall layout where viewer safety or wall stability is compromised.
    • No student constructed walls are allowed. (Excluded are some walls in Station)
  10. Pedestals/shelves:  MICA Exhibitions Dept. has a limited inventory of pedestals, shelves, vitrines and plinths.
    • A list of exhibition pedestals and sizes are located in the Exhibitions Office, Fox F120. Consult this list so the size best suited for your needs can be included on your Proposal Form.
    • Pedestals are limited to one per person. Any additional/extra pedestals available will be placed outside the Decker gallery, Fox Building.
    • Exhibition pedestals may be used only for artwork; not for monitors, guest books, student cards or contact info.
    • Pedestals will be delivered to your assigned exhibit space and will be picked up from that space after the exhibition deinstall deadline, noon Wednesday, May 22.
  11. Technical Equipment:  MICA has a limited inventory of AV equipment.
    • After review of all proposals you may be required to limit requested AV equipment.
    • AV equipment must be returned by THE STUDENT by 3pm May 22 to where it was picked up:     
      AV Service Desk, Art Tech Center or the Exhibitions Office, Fox F120.
  12. Your designated exhibit space must be returned as it was before the show. If not, any clean-up or damage charges will be deducted from your student security deposit.




  1. Your Department must approve your request for the use of technical equipment. The Exhibition Department will determine the allocation of all equipment.
  2. Media installations or performance installations requiring equipment must be prepared so that the program loops.  Students sharing equipment should have their work prepared on one compilation DVD/thumb drive so that the complete compilation program runs the full length of the device, causing it to repeat.
  3. Labels of each piece should contain the running time.
  4. Functions that are not a part of your interactive computer artwork must be disabled; i.e. internet, browsing, email, programs, etc.
  5. If you are showing in Decker or Meyerhoff Galleries you may be requested to install your own technology including computer, LCD projection and interactive media.
  6. AV equipment must be returned by THE STUDENT by 3pm May 22 to where it was picked up.




  1. Each department will coordinate their student's labels for the Commencement Exhibition.
    The Department of Exhibitions will make the labels for the Decker & Meyerhoff Galleries directly with the students exhibiting in that area.
  2. Each student will be emailed a label template in Word or Indesign to fill out and send to their department.  The labels will then be printed on white card stock and returned to you from your department. Labels should be installed 48" from the floor to the bottom of the label.  This way the whole exhibition will have continuity.


    The information needed for each label:

Your name

Title of piece


Year of Work

Your Department/Major

Price or NFS  (If you opt not to sell your work then the piece must be labeled NFS. You may have your contact info/business cards with your artwork.)



  1. Student/Artist may sell their work directly with the Buyer via Paypal, Venmo, check, cash OR students may coordinate payment of their sales through the MICA Store
  2. Student/Artist should track their sales on Sales Forms available through the Exhibition Dept or MICA Store
  3. When work is sold it should be marked with a red dot, available through the Exhibition Dept. or MICA Store
  4. Student/Artist and Buyer can agree upon terms of pick-up OR Student/Artist can drop work off with the Exhibitions Dept/Fox 120 for pick-up by the Buyer.
  5. No artwork should be removed from the galleries prior to the end of the Exhibition on Monday, May 20 at 5:00 pm





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